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rss2php and rss-homepage

This page is about rss2php - the library of PHP scripts to parse RSS feeds. If you just want a nice looking page for all of your RSS feeds, you probably want rss-homepage.

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rss2php is a library of php scripts to parse and interpret rss feeds from websites. The data that the scripts process can then be used to create one page, showing news from many different sites for example.

Getting Started

rss2php requires a web server running PHP to work.

More Information

rss2php is a library of php scripts that will parse RSS feeds, and give an output for php pages.

You can use the library to parse multiple RSS feeds and display them on one web page, exactly how you want it to be displayed.

At the moment rss2php contains:

Normally, rss2php is set to use RSS feeds that have been locally cached (as XML files). However, to get news in (mostly) real time, you need a way of updating these local caches. My method is to run update.sh as a cron job every 30 minutes, as this script will download the RSS feeds to local XML files, and then every time the web page is reloaded, it does not need to wait to open remote RSS feeds.


A portion of the actual RSS parsing code is from a PHP tutorial by Kevin Yank, and the tutorial can be viewed at: