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Contribute to rss2php

Due to being open source software, anyone is able to view the source code of rss2php and modify it to their needs. However, to improve rss2php for everyone, it is best to submit and share your ideas/patches/bug reports to the Sourceforge site and let everyone know.


Being in it's very early release stages and in alpha/beta testing, there are likely to be at least a few bugs in rss2php. If you find a bug in the software, it is best to report it to the Sourceforge bug tracking system.


One of the most needed additions to the rss2php project is configuration files for different RSS feeds. Some people will be able to make their own going from the template of the default config file, but others would just like to be able to download some. If you have a config file to contribute, or even a patch to the code of rss2php, you can either use the Sourceforge patching system, or email me.

Any configs the project receives, either through a patch or an email, will be added to the configs page on this website.

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