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rss-homepage is a complete PHP set-up that parses multiple RSS feeds and gives you an output on one web page, allowing you to see the feeds in columns, boxes, etc, in a style suited to the site's feed you are viewing.

rss-homepage is based on rss2php - a library of php scripts that will parse RSS feeds and give an output for php pages. rss-homepage uses this output, styles it and gives it back in a version that is much more aesthetic and at the same time easier to configure.

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At the moment rss-homepage contains:

  • All the RSS parsing code from rss2php

  • index.php - the file that contains the output

  • output.php - file that uses basic output from config files and puts it into xhtml to be styled by the stylesheet

  • style.css - a stylesheet to show a page with a 2 column layout with a box for each feed.

  • slashdot.php, bbc.php, inquirer.php - example config files for parsing Slashdot, BBC News and The Inquirer RSS feeds

  • cached xml files for each of the RSS feeds

  • images for headings for the feeds and arrow images

  • update.sh - a very simple script to download and cache the RSS feeds needed (this will probably need to be modified by you - it downloads cached feeds to ~/public_html/rss so you might want to change this)

  • updatetime - a file to save the last time that feeds were updated. Usually modified by update.sh, and comes as 0000000000 as default


A portion of the actual RSS parsing code in rss2php is from a PHP tutorial by Kevin Yank, and the tutorial can be viewed at:


  • First code release.

  • Includes, and is set to use by default, configs for Slashdot, BBC News and The Inquirer.

  • Based on rss2php version 0.2